API Configuration

Setting up your Internal Links API on Graphite



For additional information about Sitemaps, Sets, Modules and how we work with them, please view the Definitions page


Note: At this time we are only able to work with XML sitemaps

Submitting your sitemap

Format: XML
Include: Sitemap(s) of the pages to be included in the Internal Links API
Domain type: We can accept sitemaps for either a domain or for a subdomain
Purpose: We will be crawling these pages to put together relationships for your Internal Links
Adding sitemaps: Additional sitemaps can be provided by typing subsequent sitemaps on a new line

Example: https://example.com/sitemap1.xml


Submitting your Sets

Include: The subdirectories of pages to be included in the Internal Links API - these should also already exist inside the sitemap(s) provided
Purpose: These are the Sets of pages we will provide relatedness for. These are required in order to build modules
Adding Sets: Additional Sets can be added by clicking the Add Set + button

Examples: Please refer to the Definitions page


Submitting your Modules

Include: Choose one set from the Source Set dropdown, one set from the Target Set dropdown, and the number of links (in numerical value) in the Number of Links box. The number of links will be the number of pages we will return for each Module in the API response.
Purpose: Modules are used to provide an API response that contains the structured data to display the Modules on your pages
Adding Modules: Additional Modules can be adding by clicking the Add Module + button

Examples: Please refer to the Definitions page



We recommend that all pages contain 8+ Internal Links for adequate SEO optimization